OStA Dr. Rolf Asche
Dr. Asche


German Flag Officers (First Crew)


Picture of first Commander
Albrecht Obermaier

Fregattenkapitän Albrecht Obermaier, who assumed command of Zerstörer 5 (ex USS Dyson), was graduated from the German Naval Academy in 1936. Before entering the academy in 1933, he served in sailing ships of the German Merchant Marine for two years. During World War II he served in destroyers and motor torpedo boats, later commanding a Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla. In 1944 he attended the Naval War College in Germany and was an administrative staff officer in the German Navy Supreme Command at the war's end.
For the wartime duties he was awarded the German Cross (Gold) and the Iron Cross, first and second class.
Born in Freising, he was assigned to the German Ministry of Defense in Bonn before being ordered to command the Z5.

Executive Officer

Executive Officer
 Hans-Joachim KrugKorvettenkapitän Hans-Joachim Krug, Executive Officer of Zerstörer 5 was graduated from the German Naval Academy in 1939. During World War II he served in destroyer escorts, finishing up his wartime duties as executive officer of a submarine.
For the wartime service Korvettenkapitän Krug was awarded the Iron Cross, second class, two submarine medals and the battleship medal. A documentary film cameraman in civilian life, Korvettenkapitän Krug returned to the German Navy in 1956, serving as public relations officer on the Joint Forces Staff, Ministry of Defense, Bonn prior to reporting as executive officer of Z5. Born in Dessau.


Medical Officer OStA Dr. Rolf Asche
Engineering Officer KKpt Wolfgang Beyer
Main Propulsion Asst. Kptlt Karl-Heinz Förtsch
Navigation Officer Kptlt Hans von Stackelberg
Gunnery Officer Kptlt Helmut Siegmon
Supply Officer Kptlt Wolfgang Barth
Operations Officer Kptlt Arno Schade
Torpedo Officer Kptlt Günter Liebich
Damage Control Officer OLtzS Fritjof Zänder
ASW Officer OLtzS Gerhard Bing
Asst. Gunnery Officer LtzS Walter Bellersheim
CIC Officer LtzS Meinhard Groothius
Communications Officer LtzS Ottmar Wittmann