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This home page contains informations about Zerstörer 5 (D 179) ex USS Dyson. The informations are basically related to the transfer to the German Navy, to the commission and the first german crew.  They are complemented with some historical facts of  the Destroyer USS Dyson (DD 572) and the Fletcher Class. Furthermore links are given to explore the German Navy respectively the Fletcher Class. The USS Dyson was a Destroyer of the Fletcher Class 119. She was commissioned in 1942  and accomplished successful missions during World War II in the atlantic and pacific.
She was placed out of commission in reserve 31. March 1947.  In 1959 a basic overhaul and modernization took place at the Navy shipyard in Charleston, South Carolina. In February 1960 she was transferred as Zerstörer 5 to the Federal Republic of Germany. The first crew, well prepared from June 1959 until begin of January 1960 in the 5. Schiffsstammabteilung (5. SSTA) in Bremerhaven, boarded Z5 in Charleston. After commission a phase of test and training followed in Charleston and in the waters near the american east coast and the caribic.  The transfer to Germany followed with leaving Charleston on 9. June 1960 and short visits in Hamilton (Bermudas) and Ponta Delgada (Azores). Z5 arrived Bremerhaven on the 23. June. After an overhaul at the shipyard in Bremerhaven (Norddeutschen Lloyd) until end of september, Z5 left Bremerhaven to Flensburg. Zerstörer 5 became part of the 3. Zerstörergeschwader. After successful missions in the German Navy, Z5 was placed out of commission on 26. February 1982 and transferred to Crete as a material reserve for the Greece Navy.